The jaguar is the largest feline in America and third in the world (after the tiger and the lion).

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Generate, implement and promote strategic actions between involved organisms and institutions to contribute to the jaguar’s conservation and its habitat in Mexico.

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To count on a nationwide organism to act as guiding axis in the decision making related to the jaguar’s conservation and its habitat in Mexico.

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Who we are

The "National Alliance for Jaguar Conservation" is a non-governmental organization (NGO) which aims to ensure the survival of the jaguar in Mexico. The effort generated by the Alliance will allow rapid and adequate development of actions for the conservation of the jaguar as a key ecological and cultural species of our country since its disappearance represents an irreversible and invaluable loss to the national heritage.




The conservation world at reach


On time.

After unconsciousness, weak consciousness.

Entangled in the shadows the slow learning of Man, infertile wombs, hollow ringing bells of time that does not break death adrift;

The Man after death, erasing the face and trail of life.


José Aznar C.